Medical Surgeon 3ply Disposable Face Mask with Earloop Tie (10 pcs)

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Structure and composition

The product consists of surface layer, middle layer, bottom layer, mask belt and nose clip. The surface material is polypropylene spunbonded cloth and intermediate layer.

The material is polypropylene spinneret, the bottom material is polypropylens spunbonded cloth, and the mask belt is polyester thread.

The nose clip is made of polypropylene which can be bent and shaped.


For clinical medical personnel to wear in the invasive operation process, covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw, in order to prevent pathogens direct transmission of microorganisms, body fluids, particulate matter, etc. Provides a physical screen.


  1. Face mask can ONLY be used once;
  2. Replace the mask when it is wet;
  3. Before entering the working area with the medical protective mask, the tightness should be checked;
  4. If the mask is contaminated by the patient's blood and body fluids, it SHOULD BE replaced in time;
  5. DO NOT use after the package is damaged;
  6. The product SHOULD BE used as soon as possible after opening;
  7. The product SHALL BE disposed according to the relevant provisions of medical waste after use.
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